Little Sunshine Day Care

Providing Excellent Day Care Since 2015.

Day Care

Our daycare has a clean, loving, home-like enviorment located in a very safe neighborhood, with close proximity to Coyote Creek Elementary school and Gale Ranch Middle School. We will do various activities during the day such as story time, musical theory, dance classes, backyard playing, and mastering phonetical sounds. Children can also finish their homework here, and if any help is needed we will be happy to assist.

After School

After school, kids are encouraged to finish homework, and we are educated in various topics and can help them in any way that they need. We have many pieces of sports equipment that children can use to build their motor skills and sensory development as well. We also emphasize exploration of special interests such as art, music, theater, dance, computers and technology, crafts, games, etc.

Summer Camp

In summer, half the day is split into learning and building fundamental skills while the other half is divided into art, dance and free play. Our days here are very well split up, as children will get the educationally enriched environment they deserve to have, while also enjoying their days of summer. Parents can also send kids with books and textbooks that they want to finish over summer and we will help them reach that goal.

Nutricious Food

Everyday, we will provide the children with well balanced food, supplemental with fruits and veggies. We will provide homemade, organic food filled with the essential vitamins and nutrients that are fundamental for growth.